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37 Years of Great Service | My Wellness Latino
Our History - MyWellnessLatino

37 Years of Great Service

MyWellnessLatino is an independent Shaklee distributor committed to empowering individuals and families to live healthier, more vibrant lives. Founded by Evelyn Cortez, our mission is to provide high-quality Shaklee products and personalized support to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.

Evelyn Cortez | My Wellness Latino

Hello,  my name is Evelyn Cortez, wife, mother, and grandmother. 

Hello,  my name is Evelyn Cortez, wife, mother, and grandmother. 


In 1983, I became a Shaklee distributor because:


  1. I was attracted to the concept of products in harmony with nature and good health  

  2. I saw the great opportunity to work from home, taking care of my family while building my own business 


I start using cleaning products and the skincare system. During that time, I was very allergic; the fragrance in cleaning products and cosmetics made me sneeze a lot and headaches.


My son and my husband started with the vitamins, and later little by little, I started using the vitamins to increase my level of energy. 


Quickly, I developed a clientele and began a distributor network that taught them how to take care of their health with natural products and establish their network of clients and distributors. 


I believe in wellness, and that is possible to transform your health through a good diet and good nutrition. I also believe in the possibility of creating a successful business from home while taking care of the family. 


I invite you to take care of your health and those you love with the products I promote. They are effective, safe, and guaranteed. 


If you are looking for a business opportunity or extra money, I want to tell you that I have 37 years of experience, and I am willing, along with my husband Carlos, to teach you how to build wellness. 

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