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About Us - MyWellnessLatino

Empowering Health and Wellness for a Vibrant Life

MyWellnessLatino is an independent Shaklee distributor committed to empowering individuals and families to live healthier, more vibrant lives. Founded by Evelyn Cortez, our mission is to provide high-quality Shaklee products and personalized support to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals.

Evelyn Cortez | My Wellness Latino

Our Story

Evelyn Cortez became a Shaklee distributor in 1983, driven by her passion for natural products and her desire to build a successful home-based business. Over the years, Evelyn has not only experienced the transformative power of Shaklee products firsthand but has also guided countless others in achieving their wellness goals and building their own Shaklee businesses.

Evelyn Cortez | My Wellness Latino

Our Values:

  • Wellness: We understand the importance of health and wellness and are committed to providing the best Shaklee products for a healthier, happier life.

  • Education: We are dedicated to helping our customers make informed choices about the products that best suit their needs through expert guidance and community support.

  • Entrepreneurship: We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve financial freedom and personal fulfillment by building their own Shaklee business.

At MyWellnessLatino, we believe in:

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey

Whether you're looking to improve your health, transform your home with eco-friendly products, or create your own Shaklee business, we're here to support you every step of the way.

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