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8 reasons to start the day with a healthy and balanced breakfast

Updated: Feb 19

Meaning of the word breakfast

Breakfast is a compound word de-fasting. "Des" means "to get out of," and "fast" means "empty of food."

Breakfast: the most important mealtime of your day

Breakfast is the most important mealtime because it has probably been 8 to 12 hours in which you have not received any food. When you wake up, your blood glucose levels are low, and your metabolism needs a good load of energy to start the day's work.

Not having breakfast is a mistake because later you will walk hungry and itching unchecked and eating anything.

Benefits of breakfast

  1. Your metabolism will be more active, and you will burn calories

  2. You will start the day with more energy

  3. You will have more focus, concentration, and good memory

  4. It will help keep bad cholesterol (LDL) low

  5. You'll avoid the chance of developing diabetes

  6. You're going to help your heart stay healthy

  7. You will maintain a healthy weight

  8. You will be acquiring a healthy habit that will motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Quick and nutritious breakfast

A quick and nutritious breakfast could be a smoothie.

Make sure your smoothie contains protein, fruit, vegetables, seeds, spices, etc.

The type of protein I recommend is Shaklee Life Shake because it tastes great and is a complete meal with 20g of protein, 6g of fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals. Life Shake will give you energy and all the essential nutrients to support your overall health. You will feel satisfied, you will not feel like biting and it will help you maintain a healthy weight.

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