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Earth Day

Earth Day, April 22, is a day in which awareness of environmental problems is sought.

This movement emerged in 1970 from the proposal of Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. senator expert in the environment.

After the oil spills off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, in 1969, Senator Nelson had the movement's vision. The purpose was to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the planet's air and water quality. Events were planned, and surprisingly 20 million people in the United States they took to the streets in support.

In 1990, Earth Day took the global leap when Denis Hayes, along with many other activists, decided to expand the scope of the movement on the environmental challenges facing the planet.

"Reclaim the earth" is the motto of the 2021 movement and is a call for all of us to seek to reduce the impact our daily actions make on the environment.

I believe that every citizen of the world must become aware of the importance of understanding the climate crisis, environmental pollution, and deforestation. But beyond understanding, we must begin to take action.

How to participate?

  1. Informing ourselves and raising awareness of the problem

  2. Recycling

  3. Limiting the use of plastic and using reusable bags

  4. Using toxin-free cosmetics

  5. Using household cleaners that are benign to the environment

The small act of cleaning your home and using toxin-free personal care products can be part of the gigantic act of changing the world.

Practical solution: use cosmetics and household cleaners free of toxics based on natural ingredients:

YOUTH is a 100% vegan anti-aging line, is not cruel to animals, does not contain gluten, and is free of more than 2,500 toxic. By not containing these toxins, we are collaborating directly with the environment. When you use YOUTH products, you rejuvenate, take care of your health, and do not pollute our planet.

GET CLEAN is cleaners for clothes, kitchen, bathroom and much more. GET CLEAN products are safe, powerful, green, and smart because they are free of harmful chemicals such as phosphates and synthetic dyes. When you use GET CLEAN, you will not only be cleaning, but also your family will be healthier, and you will not be polluting our planet.

Leave me a comment, and you will receive a discount coupon to buy products that will not only take care of your health but also the environment.

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