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Earth Day: celebrating it every day

April 22, 1970, was the first "Earth Day," approximately 20 million people in the United States came out to demonstrate in the streets and parks to raise awareness about protecting the environment.

"Earth Day was created in the United States to raise public awareness of environmental issues and is now celebrated around the world." *

Environmental conservation is more than just a celebration. The conservation of the environment is our responsibility. We can all collaborate in taking care of the environment from home every day, making small changes. These changes will not only help the planet but also your health and your family economy.

I present a list of new habits that are easy to follow but that create a great impact:

  1. Save electricity. Turn off the lights if you're not in a room and change traditional incandescent bulbs with LED spotlights.

  2. When you change appliances, do it for appliances of better energy efficiency.

  3. Check your windows and doors that do not have air leaks so that in winter, the heat is better preserved, and in summer, fresh air conditioning.

  4. Do not leave the television or other appliances on when they are not being used.

  5. Save water. Take shorter showers. Don't leave the faucet open while brushing your teeth. Do not wash 1 or 2 garments; try to make them larger.

  6. Recycle, and before throwing things away, look to see if they can be repaired or passed on to someone else who may be in need.

  7. Try to consume as much as possible organic fruits and vegetables. The products are a little more expensive, but in that way, we contribute to the reduction of the use of chemicals such as fertilizers and insecticides.

  8. Use reusable bags when you go to the supermarket or stores and limit the use of plastic and plastic bags in general.

  9. Use toxin-free home cleaning products, such as Get Clean.

  10. Enjoy nature by visiting parks and beaches. ⠀⠀


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