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Germs: How to take care of them

Before 2020, to keep my hands clean, I only used soap and water. But today, the new rule is to constantly disinfect our hands.

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), germs are everywhere and can make us sick. Germs are present in the hands and all those things that we touch in our daily activities.

How to take care of germs?  

Washing our hands.

Washing our hands with soap and water or a hand sanitizer is very important to avoid getting sick from germs and even more so.

There are differences between using soap and water and hand sanitizer. For example, soap and water remove all kinds of germs from the hands or toxic substances or residues that we have in them. While hand sanitizers remove certain types of germs and do not remove toxins or residues.

Given these differences, it is best to wash our hands, but when we are in situations or environments such as public places, the most sensible thing is to use a hand sanitizer.

Many disinfectants dry out their hands or leave them sticky.

The hand sanitizer I use is Get Clean® Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer because it is an antibacterial hand gel with plant-based moisturizers that keeps my skin soft and protected. It has no fragrance and is alcohol-based, kills germs and bacteria, and sanitizes my hands without drying them out. There is no need to rinse or towel dry, and is safe for my whole family.

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