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The first step to good health

If you are considering improving your nutrition, Meology is the first step in receiving a nutrition proposal designed especially for you.

It's a personalized assessment of your health that your nutrition program will design. In less than 5 minutes, you can fill out this questionnaire where you will evaluate your diet, your lifestyle, your genetic history and make goals that take you along the path of good health.

I have been using Shaklee nutritional supplements for 37 years to ensure my nutrition and ensure good health. I am very satisfied with my experience with the products and my state of energy and health. Today with Meology, I feel more confident that what I'm using is what I need.

I tell you because I like Meology and because I invite you to do it too.

Meology is personalized nutrition with the exact doses of nutrients your body needs so that every day you live well and in health.

  • Meology is the most advanced in nutrition, designed especially for you.

  • Meology is personalized nutrition with the exact dosages of supplements that will help you go down the path of good health.

  • Meology is scientifically backed by more than 100 years of experience and scientific research.

Fill out your Meology questionnaire now; it's free.

Three things the Shaklee Corporation promises you:

  1. We will know you because we will ask you about your diet, your physical activity, and your health goals. By knowing you, we can have a clear profile of who you are and what your body needs.

  2. You will have a personalized plan because we will analyze your answers and so we can design it exclusively for you.

  3. You can start your journey to good health because every month, the daily doses of nutrients your body needs could arrive at your doorstep.



We guarantee purity and potency in our products because we develop more than 100,000 quality tests annually.


Our supplements are covered by more than 100 years of scientific innovation, more than 100 patents and patents pending, and more than 100 publications and scientific studies.


We back up all our products and protect them with a 100% money-back guarantee, and we don't ask you questions.

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